Saturday, November 26, 2016

Silk Stalkings



Yancey Peters is on a mission to beef up her sexual resumĂ©. Men have told her she’s the kind of woman you marry, not the kind you fool around with. The problem is, none of the men she’s dated are ready to settle down. So Yancey decides to transform herself from plain Jane to hot chick and embark on a sexual exploration of her own.
Diego Ramos is through with reckless women, done chasing after short skirts, sexy silk stockings and high heels. Until he meets Yancey, that is. He thought he was ready to settle down, find a wholesome wife and start a family. Yancey makes him realize he might have one more carefree fling in him after all.
Unfortunately, Yancey has also caught the eye of another admirer who wants more than she’s willing to give.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Christmas in July?

Christmas is no longer behind us,
it's ahead of us and closing in fast.
Let's get in the spirit with a 99 cent sale!
Buy them now, read them now, or buy them now, save for Christmas.


When you mix a fresh picked coupling…

Caterers Chantal and Monty have been hired to handle Layton Industries’ annual Christmas party held at the couple’s penthouse apartment. With big dreams and very little money, they’re living on love. When their hosts don’t make it home for the party, a heady serving of desire distracts the freshly engaged pair during the post-party cleanup…

With a freeze-dried relationship…

Steve and Alexa Layton find it difficult to connect anymore. They’ve spent so much energy and time on achieving financial security, they’ve forgotten what it feels like to be young and in love. When their flight is grounded during a snowstorm, it brings their disconnect to a boil…

Toss in a little spice…


Marley Arbuckle is looking for a little payback, closure, and a boost to her confidence after being cheated on by her fiancĂ©—not necessarily in that order. Choosing a 1Night Stand date in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve to exact her revenge, she’s planned the affair down to her perfectly styled hair and every last manicured fingernail and pedicured toenail. But what she didn’t count on was meeting Ian O’Keefe.

Ian has his own dark reasons for contacting Madame Evangeline for a no-strings-attached night of desire with a beautiful stranger. He’s got something to prove to himself and a long road to recovery after losing his wife. His redemption may begin with Marley, but can she teach him to love again?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hot Girls Wanted

I recently watched a documentary produced by Rashida Jones
on Netflix.
Not to be judgy, but WTF?
Is porn the new black?
Are girls (not women - girls - because that's what porn viewers want - girls or women who look like girls) actually saying to themselves, "when I grow up I want to be a porn star"?
Yes, it seems so.
A hundred plus years ago women in the acting profession were looked down upon as sort of fallen women;
not the type you bring home to mother.
That mindset seems ridiculous now days.
Am I a prude or will porn stars
(I use that term loosley because very few become actual stars),
someday be the norm? Don't answer that.
Here's my problem (one of my problems) with porn:
It's kind of the same problem I had with the documentary Kink, which is basically kink + porn.
It's an industry that chews people up and spits them out.
Someone is making significant money, but it's not the actors.
And these girls need to up their game to stay in the game.
They go from softcore to hardcore.
Degredation. Humiliation.
Violence against women. Usually by men.
Facial abuse.
Rape or psuedo-rape.
The shelf life of a porn actress is typically short-lived.
But I imagine it lives with the girls forever.
That is all.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Nicole Adkins’ silly crush on her neighbor is slowly starting to resemble an obsession. After months of watching him from afar, she’s resorted to orchestrating accidental elevator encounters and bumbling through rehearsed conversations that go terribly wrong.
Salvatore Lopez is legally blind. To him, Nicki is a pleasant-smelling, sexy-sounding blur in a rotating rainbow of different-colored clothes. He’s intrigued, but fears he’s nothing more to her than a charity case.

But Sal’s blindness means Nicki can watch him risk-free from her apartment and fantasize about sensual encounters. Most of all, she can pretend he’s watching from his apartment as she pleasures herself. He’s the perfect man to indulge all her dark fantasies. If he regains his sight, it could be the beginning of a beautiful romance—or the end.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Yes! It is for sale. Drive-In.


Brandi’s recovering from a painful and expensive divorce, and definitely isn’t looking for a relationship. But when her high-school crush Evan bangs into her—literally—his gorgeous body and sexy smile have as much a hold on her as ever. It’s no wonder Brandi can’t bring herself to say no to him when he reminds her that she still owes him a date he was promised more than ten years ago.

Evan figures he has one chance to wow Brandi, who’s always been the one who got away. To his delight, he finds she’s the same girl he used to know…but she now has a sexy, slightly kinky edge. When their date takes an unexpectedly erotic turn and ends with the best sex of his life, Evan knows she’s still the only girl for him. Now he just has to convince Brandi.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It's my pleasure to announce the re-publication of Costume Ball.

Costume Ball

Kelli Scott 

Jennifer Goodwin is recovering from a traumatic car accident that’s left her scarred, inside and out. Her sexy Marine pen pal haunts her dreams and has her heart racing, but she’s dumped him anyway, afraid of his pity. A costume ball gives her the chance to come out of her shell while hiding her face, and the hot sailor who approaches her tempts her to indulge in a night of forbidden passion.  

Gage Brewer is on a mission, despite being on leave from the Marines. He’s determined to confront the woman who befriended him while he was deployed and find out why she left him. Once he’s claimed her body, maybe he can win back her heart.