Sunday, October 11, 2015

Research, Research, Research

If you've read my erotic romances and/or erotica, you'd probably find them to be on the mild side. I don't routinely have my hero tie up my heroine and flog her. I'm all about the playful spanking though, like in Rub Me The Right Way.

Why don't I write the hardcore sex with all the bells & whistles, cuffs & paddles? Because I don't "get" it. In my quest to understand the appeal of BDSM, I sat down to watch the documentary, KINK on Netflix (my go-to resource for information, education, and entertainment) about, a fetish website.

What's my take on the documentary? The people behind the scenes were 100% on board with providing kink to the masses, claiming the "models" were kinksters who get paid for doing what they love. What could be better than that? The models (not actors) supposedly had full disclosure and were in control of the scenes. A win win for everyone.

However, interviews with the models...were not as me. I saw ambivalence, and in some cases fear upon hearing what might be expected of them. One "model" said something to the effect that careers in the kink industry spanned about two years before a model was chewed up and spit out. I don't doubt it. This is just my opinion, but having your circulation inhibited, as well as repeated bruising, can't be good for you (although, I'm sure some would argue that I'm way off base and uninformed - they'd be right). Did it turn me on? No. Am i going to write BDSM? Probably not. I just don't get it.