Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming Soon: HAIR OF THE DOG

I'm excited to announce that Hair of the Dog will be released April 20th.

Check out the blurb:

When Grant, mayor of Mystic Springs, offers Ivy her dream job running the Mystic Springs resort, Ivy is thrilled and accepts the job without so much as visiting first. When she shows up and meets Grant, her goals change a little—she got the job and now she wants to get Grant—preferably at her mercy in the bedroom.

Grant’s inner animal is desperate to take Ivy and make her his. And he’s not joking about the animal part—Grant and most of the Mystic Springs residents are shifters. The spring is more than a landmark—it’s the touchstone that grounds their powers and keeps them on the human side of the shifter spectrum. But the spring is running dry.

The townspeople are convinced that Ivy is the woman who was prophesied to save the spring. Local legend is rife with sex acts that might rejuvenate the spring and Grant’s only too happy to give them a go—he just has to convince Ivy that he’s the man—err, wolf?—for her.