Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Hop

Welcome to my contribution to the Valentine's Day Gift Hop!!!! 
I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Part of me believes to my very core that the holiday is nothing more than an opportunity for the flower and chocolate industry to get a noticable bump in their profits. The girlie girl deep down inside me desperately needs a bouquet of flowers on her desk at work to brag about. I will only be five weeks into a relationship come V-Day. And he's going out of town a few days prior (already verbalised his relief that he dodged the Valentine's Day bullet).
So here's my position. I found a guy who treats me like a princess every day. I don't need flowers or a Be My Valentine card to complete me. But I sure want a token of affection on the big day. Yes I do. Bigger is better.
What's your take on Valentine's Day? Love it? Hate it? Take it or leave it?
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Yancey Peters, a researcher at the local newspaper, is on a mission to beef up her sexual resume. Men in her past have told her she is the kind of woman you marry, not the kind you fool around with. Problem is none of the men she’s dated are ready to settle down. Yancey decides to transform herself from a plain Jane to a hot chick and embark on a sexual exploration phase of her own before settling down.
     Diego Ramos, a tow truck driver, is through with reckless women who wear short skirts, sexy silk stockings and high heels. Until he meets Yancey, that is. He thought he was ready to settle down, find a wholesome wife and start a family. Yancey makes him realize he might have one more carefree fling in him after all.
     Unfortunately, Yancey has caught the eye of another admirer who wants more than she’s willing to give.

Please show some love to the other talented authors participating in the Valentine's Day Gift Hop.