Saturday, July 16, 2016

Christmas in July?

Christmas is no longer behind us,
it's ahead of us and closing in fast.
Let's get in the spirit with a 99 cent sale!
Buy them now, read them now, or buy them now, save for Christmas.


When you mix a fresh picked coupling…

Caterers Chantal and Monty have been hired to handle Layton Industries’ annual Christmas party held at the couple’s penthouse apartment. With big dreams and very little money, they’re living on love. When their hosts don’t make it home for the party, a heady serving of desire distracts the freshly engaged pair during the post-party cleanup…

With a freeze-dried relationship…

Steve and Alexa Layton find it difficult to connect anymore. They’ve spent so much energy and time on achieving financial security, they’ve forgotten what it feels like to be young and in love. When their flight is grounded during a snowstorm, it brings their disconnect to a boil…

Toss in a little spice…


Marley Arbuckle is looking for a little payback, closure, and a boost to her confidence after being cheated on by her fiancĂ©—not necessarily in that order. Choosing a 1Night Stand date in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve to exact her revenge, she’s planned the affair down to her perfectly styled hair and every last manicured fingernail and pedicured toenail. But what she didn’t count on was meeting Ian O’Keefe.

Ian has his own dark reasons for contacting Madame Evangeline for a no-strings-attached night of desire with a beautiful stranger. He’s got something to prove to himself and a long road to recovery after losing his wife. His redemption may begin with Marley, but can she teach him to love again?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hot Girls Wanted

I recently watched a documentary produced by Rashida Jones
on Netflix.
Not to be judgy, but WTF?
Is porn the new black?
Are girls (not women - girls - because that's what porn viewers want - girls or women who look like girls) actually saying to themselves, "when I grow up I want to be a porn star"?
Yes, it seems so.
A hundred plus years ago women in the acting profession were looked down upon as sort of fallen women;
not the type you bring home to mother.
That mindset seems ridiculous now days.
Am I a prude or will porn stars
(I use that term loosley because very few become actual stars),
someday be the norm? Don't answer that.
Here's my problem (one of my problems) with porn:
It's kind of the same problem I had with the documentary Kink, which is basically kink + porn.
It's an industry that chews people up and spits them out.
Someone is making significant money, but it's not the actors.
And these girls need to up their game to stay in the game.
They go from softcore to hardcore.
Degredation. Humiliation.
Violence against women. Usually by men.
Facial abuse.
Rape or psuedo-rape.
The shelf life of a porn actress is typically short-lived.
But I imagine it lives with the girls forever.
That is all.