Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chocolate, Roses and Handcuffs blog hop

I love chocolate and roses. I prefer my chocolates with nuts (the salty kind). And my roses - well - I'll take my roses any color, but without the thorns, please.
Handcuffs? I'll take mine straight up. No fur for my comfort. I opt for cold metal - thank you very much. When I'm cuffed I want to know I'm cuffed. Too much information?
How 'bout you? If you have no opinion about handcuffs, tell me about your fav chocolate or roses. Leave me your email address and I'll enter you in a drawing for an ecopy of Passion Pill.
Check out the blurb. And don't forget to visit the other bloggers for more great prizes and giveaways.

Millie has a big problem. She’s never experienced the big O before, even with a doting boyfriend who loves her like crazy. If she can’t be Tom’s partner in every way—emotionally, spiritually and physically—Millie resigns herself to setting him free to find the total package. But then a last chance comes in the form of a little pink pill.

Tom’s wary about Millie taking drugs to enhance her libido, but he wants her to experience every sensation mind-blowing sex can deliver. Soon the passion pills take them on a wild ride, but they both know that sooner or later the drug trial will end and the pills will stop coming. Perhaps Millie will, too.

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ARe Cafe

I'm featured at the ARe Cafe. I'm not sure why. Reviewer didn't seem impressed, but Costume Ball is one of my best selling books. Hopefully readers like it.

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The Edge: Good Girls Gone Wild

The Edge: Good Girls Gone Wild: Buy Birthday Bash HERE By Kelli Scott I love me some bad girls. Strippers. Hookers. Criminals. Spunky, snarky kick-ass chicks who ta...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop

I love the title of this blog hop. Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop. It was like divine intervention. I knew I had to join. Even though the New is about the New Year, it reminded me of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, which reminded me of weddings.
Am I losing you? Stay with me. Weddings made me think of my 2011 debut erotic novella, Stormy Wedding. It's not new, but it is naughty. And I never get tired of looking at the cover.  
Like the old saying goes, everything old is new again, and that's the case with Stormy Wedding. It has recently been released in Ellora's Cave Branded line print anthology, Wedded Bliss (also a great cover).
What do you think of anthologies? Is it a great way to discover new authors or favorite reading subjects or not????? Leave me a comment (with your email address) and I will enter you in a random drawing for a print copy of Wedded Bliss (US only).
Book Description:
USA Today Bestselling author Jaid Black and other amazing authors present five stories that prove sex is anything but stale in the marriage bed! Subjugated by Jaid Black Getting Naughty by Kristin Daniels Stormy Wedding by Kelli Scott Going All In by Sky Robinson down to Business by Dena Garson
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: Blind Passion by Kelli Scott

Review: Blind Passion by Kelli Scott

The Pen & Muse
"For those of you who love a happy ending, hot erotic romance then you will love Blind Passion. Scott writes a fun love story between two people who like each other not knowing the other’s feelings."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Naughty New Year's Bloghop

Welcome to the next stop on the Naughty New Years Bloghop. I'm Kelli Scott and I write naughty stories for Ellora's Cave and Decadent Publishing. Feel free to explore. Read a few blurbs and excerpts while you're here.

Another year has come and gone and it's true what they say, the older you get, the faster time seems to go by. I don't normally participate in New Year's resolutions, but I am going to try out the 3 Day Military Diet. Why? Because I want to be thinner, healthier (and they claim this diet is safe) and I want to exercise as well. Lofty ambitions. Also my clothes don't fit right and I'm too cheap to go out shopping for new ones. Why this diet? I need to be told exactly what and how much to eat or I will cheat. And I figure I can do anything for 3 little ol' days. I'm not sure if I'll sign on for 3 more days or 3 more after that. We'll see.

Other than my personal resolution of losing weight and getting healthier, I need a professional resolution as well. I published 2 books in 2011 and 8 in 2012. I have 3 so far slated for 2013. I'm not sure if I can muster the time or energy to beat my 2012 numbers and I'm not good at setting goals (maybe goal setting should be my 2013 goal).

How 'bout you? New Year's resolution? Wishes, dreams or goals?

Leave me a comment with your email address and I'll enter you in a drawing for an ecopy of Blind Passion. Here is the blurb:

Nicole Adkins’ silly crush on her neighbor is slowly starting to resemble an obsession. After months of watching him from afar, she’s resorted to orchestrating accidental elevator encounters and bumbling through rehearsed conversations that go terribly wrong.

Salvatore Lopez is legally blind. To him, Nicki is a pleasant-smelling, sexy-sounding blur in a rotating rainbow of different-colored clothes. He’s intrigued, but fears he’s nothing more to her than a charity case.

But Sal’s blindness means Nicki can watch him risk-free from her apartment and fantasize about sensual encounters. Most of all, she can pretend he’s watching from his apartment as she pleasures herself. He’s the perfect man to indulge all her dark fantasies. If he regains his sight, it could be the beginning of a beautiful romance—or the end.


And don't forget to visit the other blogs for more chances to enter to win some naughty prizes - books and gift cards - in the Naughty New Year's Bloghop.