Monday, September 26, 2011


Much to my surprise, and yours too perhaps, Stormy Wedding is a finalist in the Epic contest. What is the Epic contest? Uh? Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. I'm not a member, but I think they probably fight for our right for a little respect in the industry.
I'm excited and honored and giddy. I'm up against some other awsome authors from Ellora's Cave as well as Carina, Loose ID, and TWRP. I'm especially honored because Stormy Wedding is my first erotic story. Not that I'm in an erotic category. I'm in the Novella category.

So please wish me luck, although I feel like I've already won (not actually won, but I feel honored just to be a finalist). And I can't wait for the day when digital publishing, as well as erotic romance will be able to compete on an even playing field with print books and traditional romance (RWA I'm talking to you).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holding Pattern

I know it appears to the untrained eye that I am not a very accomplished author with only one lonely title to my fake name.

I assure you I have more to say, many more romance tales to tell. And that's what I'm going to do. I've been contracted for two more Ellora's Cave titles, eagerly awaiting covers to post.

Why so long, you ask? Okay, yes, I had a couple stories rejected. I'm still learning the erotic ropes, figuring what "is" and "is not" acceptable. And then there is my inability to properly or completely fill out paperwork. What's that about? I blame creativity.

As God is my witness I will post my covers and release dates just as soon as I know. Check back soon.