Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tis the Season!

I love this story, and in my opinion, it's one of the cleverest covers (Cover art by Fiona Jayde)
ever designed for me. The couple are dead on how I pictured them. The lens is pure genius. And the Christmas bow is a nice touch.
Newly engaged, Chantal and Monty have been hired as caterers for Layton Industries annual Christmas party held at the Layton’s penthouse apartment. The problem is Steve and Alexa Layton’s plane has been grounded due to snow.
            Both couples struggle with the phase they are at in their respective relationships. Chantal and Monty are striving to find a balance between work and home in a new business and upcoming marriage. They’re divided by a difference in work ethic, religion and values, her coming from a traditional Mexican family, while Monty is Jewish. With very little money, they are living on love.
            Steve and Alexa have grown apart during their marriage, finding it difficult to reconnect. They are financially secure, but the pursuit of financial freedom along with the accompanying responsibilities has caused their relationship and sex life to fizzle. Steve wants to start a family, but Alexa isn’t so sure they are ready.
Can a sexy kitchen, a box of produce and a security system help?