Thursday, August 9, 2012

Badlib Blog Hop

Badlibs Story 1
            Damian stalked across the bedroom floor, his powerful stride making Libby weak-kneed. With his neck veins bulging, his impressively commanding bearing made her breasts swell. He was so formidable that she felt fragile in comparison. His dark eyes smoldered with need.
            “Get over here, Libby. I want to kiss your ankles, and can’t stop myself from thinking about nibbling on your toes.” He dropped to his knees suddenly by the bed, making her heart beat erratically.
            “Oh, Damian. Be gentle with me. I haven’t had a full service pedicure in so long.” Libby moved closer and sat on the bed.  Her eyes slid closed and her head fell back.
            His lips touched her thigh and drew a whimper from her lips. A calloused hand stroked her ankle making her dainty feet arch. With two fingers, he entered her stilettos, slipping them off.  She couldn’t stop a squeak from escaping her throat when the shoe hit the floor.
            “Lay back, Libby. Let me rub your instep.” She did, and he did. “I want you hotter than Tabasco before I slide my tongue in your pussy.” He was grinning mischievously when she opened her eyes.
            She moaned, nodding. She thrust her hips up and groaned deep in her throat. “Anything you want, Damian. I need to feel your rough stubble so badly I can barely stand it.”
            A shiver skated down her backbone at the feel of his tongue invading her. Sensations like a lightning storm moved through her. She could feel the building pressure start with a thick flood in her belly. She looked into his face and saw determined eyes glistening with emotion staring back. His talented lips pressed deeply into her cunt. She could feel his majestic nose press and rub against her clit. His increased speed caused her head to thrash against the mattress. A sound, like a purring kitten vibrated in her chest. She knew she was going to come. All she needed was his fingers stroking her savagely.
            With a final primal scream she tumbled off into bliss. Her legs tensed, her nipples tightened and her eyes closed on the feeling of his digits sinking deep into her.
And that's for all you gals (and guys) who like a little foot play. I admit I got carried away with my badlib, taking some creative liberties. So sue me. Check out the other authors Badlibs here.

Contest: I'll make it super easy. Leave me a comment between 8/10 and 8/14 for a random chance to win an ebook of your choice from my backlist (Stormy Wedding, Drive-In, Hair of the Dog or Passion Pill). I've never said that before - my backlist - because suddenly I have a backlist, if you can call four books a backlist and I can. If you have a problem leaving a comment or don't want to leave your email, drop me an email to enter:


  1. Great badlib, Kelli! I'm glad you joined the hop. Good luck!

  2. Your badlib was funny, I'm having fun reading all these. Thx much for giveaway.

    1. I did want the badlib to reflect my writing, which leans towards humerous. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I loved the badlib!! lol
    THis has been fun so far!
    no1lefthere @ cox dot net

    1. It is a gas to see the different slant each writer puts on their badlib and the promotion in general. I'm glad you joined in.

  4. That was great. Such a different take on it. I think this kind of hop should be done more often. It's fantastic to read all the different authors stories.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  5. That was very nice.


  6. I loved madlibs when i was a kid. They were so fun! You did a great job! Thanks for the fun hop and awesome giveaway!