Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Spankings!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog hop to bring you...

Saturday Spankings! What a great idea. Although spankings can be enjoyed any day of the week. Here's my excerpt contribution from Rub Me The Right Way:

He slapped a hand against the fleshy, exposed area of the back of my thigh. I tensed at the unexpected sting. Also unexpected was the rush of heat his slap sent pulsing to my core.

Dr. Simon rubbed away the burn. "You’re soaked now, Heather."

"I’d prefer you call me Ms. Bowen."

He smacked my opposite thigh and another flood of pleasure flowed through me. "As you like, Ms. Bowen."

Short Blurb:
Heather Bowen is an uptight, stressed out insomniac in desperate need of a massage or a shrink or an orgasm to cure what ails her. Tag along on her wild fantasy ride of erotic discovery.
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