Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Long and Short of it

New 4.5 star review from Clover at  Long and Short for Birthday Bash.

"I’ve read this author before and enjoy how she injects a depth of character into her personalities in just a short story. This one is no different. Juli is a good girl going bad – who can blame her – and her two ‘cops’ are sexy, sweet, dominant and so divine. I also liked the way the story had a possibility of a future, not in a sappy way, but in a Juli taking control way. Nicely written.

If you enjoy ménage a trois this one should hit your buttons. It’s got the lot and flows in an easy to read way that brings the story alive from the page. It’s got lots of naughty extras too, a bit of spanking, a vibrating toy and a little role play – what’s not to love?"

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