Monday, January 17, 2011

Release Day Contest!

If rain on your wedding day is good luck, as superstition says, what does it mean when your wedding day is fraught with high winds and torrential rain? No amount of bad weather can douse Rachel and Rory's love for one another, or the passion they've denied each other for so long.

Tell me about your wedding, your wedding disaster or dream wedding for a chance to win a grab bag of romantic fun. My dream wedding would be the same as my bride, Rachel's. A sandy beach. The sun setting in the distance. The surf lapping at my toes. You can't always get what you want. See contest page for rules. I'll choose a winner on or about February 14th.


  1. My first wedding was in my mother's living room.

  2. I married my high school sweetheart. We've been together for a little over 20 years and married 13 of those years. Our wedding was nice. He loved comic book characters and the movies associated with them, so as a surprise I had the theme from Superman played as our recessional. His cake was decorated and surrounded by all his "action figures". Thankfully, he was so attached to them. Our boys have played the heck out of them. I agree Kelli, the real adventure starts after the vows. Whole new world with a whole new set of rules that you don't even consider when you're just dating! Can't wait to read Stormy Wedding (and not just because I really like the title, LOL).

  3. Weddings are all about what makes it special for the couple whether it's under water or at 10,000 feet or your own backyard.

  4. I got married in Hawaii on a sailboat at sunset. And we had a rainbow in the background in one of the pictures. Just my husband and I, the captain and the photographer. We celebrate 10 years this year.

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  5. We've been married a little over 13 years, too, and thankfully I don't recall any disasters (although I may simply be blocking those out selectively now ;)) I remember worrying way too much about things that didn't matter all that much in the end, and thankfully having friends who reminded me that the most important part of the day was marrying the man I loved--so true :) The last couple years, we've watched part of our wedding video on our anniversary, and it's so funny to see it with our kids. We are still close friends with many of the people who participated in our wedding then, and it's fun for the kids to see who they recognize.

    If I have the chance for a "do over" someday (a renewal of vows, maybe?), it'd be lovely to live out Rachel's dream, on a sunny beach, with the sand between our toes :)

    Congrats on Stormy Wedding, Kelli! It sounds like a great read!

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  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your lovely wedding memories.