Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Never Gets Old

My first erotic story was published in January of 2011. Stormy Wedding has gone on to win awards and get great reviews. But it's not over yet. Romance After Dark has just reviewed Stormy Wedding and liked it. Check it out.

And the reviewer has a certain flair of her own when it comes to writing. "The point of this novella is not developing meaningful characters or asking big questions of life. The point is SEX, and Stormy Wedding delivers. Kelli Scott writes some steamy sex scenes, and when Rory and Rachel rock the headboard, they do it with great passion."

And she thinks my writing is HOT. "The sex is fairly standard fare – no BDSM or anal, although both are somewhat addressed – but there is a lot of oral. A LOT. Not that I’m complaining, because it’s HOT oral sex. All of the sex here is hot."

If you haven't read Stormy Wedding and you prefer to read print books, you can now purchase Wedded Bliss, an anthology of Branded line stories from several Ellora's Cave authors.

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