Monday, December 28, 2015

Magic Mike XXL

What can I say about Magic Mike XXL? It is what it is. I laughed, sure. Who doesn't like watching some fine dancing by fine men? One of the two gals I screened the movie with loved it more than me. She found it very satisfying. We had lunch after, making it more like an event. There were things I thought were better than the first movie (Mike's love interest for instance), but not leaps and bounds better. There were things I liked better about the original (it had more...heart, in my opinion). I didn't care for Matthew McConaughey in the first movie (don't think I was supposed to), I loved Joe Manganiello in both. I like Channing Tatum in both. I think it fulfilled its objective of putting butts in movie theater seats.

I'm guesssing there are no Oscar nods coming Mike's way, but when/if XXL or even the 1st MM comes on Netflix, I'm there. Again.

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