Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I'm really excited to be in control of my own publishing career - you know - as much as Amazon will allow me to be.
And they will allow me to offer Passion Pill for free for a few days. So grab it while you can.

Passion Pill
Kelli Scott 

Millie has a big problem. She’s never experienced the big O, even with a doting boyfriend who loves her like crazy. If she can’t be Tom’s partner in every way—emotionally, spiritually and physically—Millie resigns herself to setting him free to find the total package. But then a last chance comes in the form of a little pink pill. 

Tom’s wary about Millie taking drugs to enhance her libido, but he wants her to experience every sensation mind-blowing sex can deliver. The passion pills take them on a wild ride, but they both know that sooner or later the drug trial will end and the pills will stop coming. Perhaps Millie will, too.

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