Friday, April 22, 2011

You May Kiss The Bride

You may kiss the bride.

My romance novella, Stormy Wedding, follows a couple on their wedding day. They share a sweet kiss on the veranda of their wedding venue with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. But all these two have been doing since they met is kiss. A lot. Nothing more.

They’ve saved the best for last, although their pre-wedding encounters become a bit heated. Here’s a little snippet of a sweet kiss versus a steamy one:

Sweet kiss.

The Stone Cliff Lodge was just as advertised—a stone lodge perched on a cliff above the ocean. Romantic. Elegant. Picturesque. Waves crashed against the rocky shore with thunderous power. The photos on their website didn’t do the place justice. With both their families there, it resembled a cross between a failed Weight Watchers meeting and an episode of Family Feud. Name for me a wedding disaster. Top five answers are on the board.
Wind hit Rachel’s face in the most refreshing way. Freedom. She closed her eyes, opening them when cool lips butted up to hers. “Uhm.” She saw stars, but also clouds and a thumbnail moon.

Steamy kiss.

She clasped her hand on the back of his neck and crushed her lips against his. Not what he expected. Sweeping her up with his free hand, he returned her scorching kiss in a flurry of lips, tongues and teeth. It was the type of kiss they normally avoided in order to stay true to her “ not until my wedding night” pledge.
Rory spun her around, pinning her exposed back against the wall.
She gasped.
“Sorry, babe.” He hadn’t stopped to think about how the cold metal would feel against her skin.

Which do you prefer? Sweet and tender? Steamy, hot and sticky? 

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