Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Spankings!!!

Yes! It's Saturday Spankings! Today I'm submitting an excerpt from Silk Stalkings. All I gotta say is - she asked for it. Literally. What's a guy to do?
"You should have called me," he said, punishing her magnificently with his cock.

"Yes." Yancey hissed her reply. "I was bad."

"Very bad," he teased her, chuckling and playing along.

"You should spank me." She choked out the words.

His rhythm hiccupped and he missed a beat. "What?"

"Spank me!"

"Okay." Diego stopped kneading her ass and applied the perfect amount of force with the palm of his hand.


Yancey Peters is on a mission to beef up her sexual resumé. Men have told her she’s the kind of woman you marry, not the kind you fool around with. The problem is, none of the men she’s dated are ready to settle down. So Yancey decides to transform herself from plain Jane to hot chick and embark on a sexual exploration of her own. 

Diego Ramos is through with reckless women, done chasing after short skirts, sexy silk stockings and high heels. Until he meets Yancey, that is. He thought he was ready to settle down, find a wholesome wife and start a family. Yancey makes him realize he might have one more carefree fling in him after all.

Unfortunately, Yancey has also caught the eye of another admirer who wants more than she’s willing to give.



  1. Sorry all. My scheduled blog unscheduled itself :(

  2. LOL Yes, she did definitely ask for it. I wonder how she felt after he smacked her. Great snippet:)

  3. Great snippet, Kelli.
    I hope she got what she wanted. :)

  4. Sounds like Yancey got exactly what she wanted, though she threw Diego off his rhythm for a second. Thanks for posting, Kelli.

  5. I hope you post her reaction to her ‘getting what she wanted’ next week Kelli! Great snippet thanks :)

  6. Intriguing snippet. Bet she gets what she asks for. I am not sure what "punishing her with his cock" actually means. Need more context.

  7. This reads like Diego just thought, "No way, I get to spank her? Jackpot!" Lol :) Awesome. Thanks for the snippit, Kelli!

  8. Hope she got what she asked for. Sounds like he was happy to oblige.